How to make a fear ladder.

Thinking about anxiety techniques to share with you I thought the best one to share first is the fear ladder. This technique can be used to help any anxiety sufferer. Like every anxiety technique this will take work and doesn’t fix or solve your anxiety, but can help.

I’ll show you how it works by using one of my fears. As a generalised anxiety sufferer I have a lot of general fears which lead to other fears, which i’m sure a lot of you can understand or relate to.

One of my fears is being on buses, as an emetophobic the long journey of the bus and the dirty, loud, warm surroundings is something I find a massive trigger.

I will show you what a fear ladder about buses will look like.

At the top of your page write your goal for example:

Get on the bus into town

At the bottom of the page write a manageable goal related to the big goal for example:

Walk to the bus stop

Keep adding small achievable goals between the big and the small goal until it looks something like this:

Get on bus up town

Get on bus for 5 stops

Get on bus for 4 stops

Get on bus for 3 stops

Get on bus for 2 stops

Get on bus for 1 stop and get the bus back

Get on bus for one stop and walk back

Walk to bus stop

You can make this process as easy as you like. The key to this process is to make each goal small, and not to move onto the next goal until you are comfortable with the previous one. This might mean you focus on the first goal you set for months, but do not be disheartened.

I know this can be difficult, anxiety in all its forms can be unbearable but focusing on one little goal can make it easier. Of course the fear ladder can be altered to any situation you may be experiencing.

Good luck and feel free to share your experiences in the comments.


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